This project, led by Rugby Borough Council, will develop a new and flexible digital waste service that integrates front end resident user requests with back office delivery functions.

The project sponsor at Rugby Borough Council is Mike Connell, Chief Officer for Digital and Communications. He will be working with Stuart Mewes, Corporate ICT Manager.

Rugby Borough Council is privileged to be able to lead this Digital Waste project and excited to be leading the change to a more accessible, efficient way of providing digital waste services to our residents and businesses. Rugby Borough Council provide their own operational waste services to our population of around 110,000 residents and introduced a waste management system three years ago. Since then, our processes and systems have developed to make good use of our waste service resources to provide excellent communications to our residents and businesses as well as efficiencies to our workforce.
Mike Connell - Rugby Borough Council

Our partners

Northumberland County Council

 Northumberland County Council are delighted to be partnering in this exciting project.

We're home to 316,000 people across an area of 5,013km2 meaning we're one the most sparsely populated county's in England with just 63 people per square km. 97 per cent of the county is classed as rural and half of the county's population live in the remaining 3 per cent of urban land found in the south east of the county. So providing a consistent and efficient service to all of our residents is both a challenge and a privilege.

We're hugely excited to help shape this project in the hope it will benefit how local authorities and their residents across the country manage the disposal of their waste.

Dorset Council

As a unitary authority, Dorset Council is committed to becoming a modern, customer focused, and sustainable council. Making the most of user-centred design and modern technology to improve people’s lives, and putting our 380,000 residents at the heart of decision-making, we want Dorset to be a great place to live, work and visit.

In a recent engagement survey, 61 per cent of our residents voted the collection of household waste and recycling as the most important area of council work – it’s clearly a more emotive subject than some people may think! Over the years we have constantly worked with our customers, our contact centre, and our ICT teams to integrate systems and provide proactive real-time communications, which have not only created operational efficiencies, but have also reduced customer effort and improved their end-to-end journey… however, we recognise that there’s still more we can do.

Working collaboratively with our partners will help us all share best practice and innovative ways of delivering this key service – we’re thrilled to be part of this work and will support development in any way we can.


Placecube’s mission is to give the public sector easier access to open digital platforms that make life simpler with reusable open source modules (Cubes) that are built to open standards and communicate through open APIs. We work with our public sector customers to co-create open and connected platforms and to accelerate their digital journeys through reuse. We work collaboratively, ensuring that our clients never pay twice for the same development. We differentiate ourselves through our actions and behaviours, living by the core principles that we’ve defined to ‘Do the right thing’.

All of the council partners in this project have adopted Placecube's Digital Place for Local Public Services open digital platform, a SaaS offering that provides councils with a number of integrated digital services designed by Local Government for Local Government, core components to support digital services including case management, customer contact management, low code form builder, workflow and local government specific page templates, and also embeds the powerful Liferay DXP platform, enabling full code development.
We are pleased to also be working with Royal Borough of Kingston and London Borough of Sutton councils.