Project kick-off

Sarah Goodall-Smith outlines how the project is developing.

Since the funding to undertake a Beta phase project was awarded by DLUHC in November 2021, the team have been busy working hard to ensure that a strong foundation is put in place - to enable effective delivery of the project in a fairly challenging timescale (and when isn't it?!).

Like any initiation phase, over the last couple of months we have been undertaking many standard set-up activities which have included:

  • Checking the DLUHC requirements and clarifying their expectations.
  • Developing 'Statements of Work' and agreeing contracts with the solution supplier (Placecube Ltd).
  • Holding kick-off meetings and further developing our shared vision. 
  • Identification, and initial prioritisation, of all the Waste Services which could potentially be in scope during this phase.
  • Onboarding of new team members.
  • Establishing appropriate governance arrangements - in the form of a Steering Committee, with nominated representatives from each of the partner organisations.
  • More detailed planning of project delivery and the work required across the Sprints. 
  • Scheduling of the Sprint ceremonies.
  • Setting up the various collaboration and communication tools (including this new project microsite and a dedicated Twitter account).
  • Identifying the delivery risks and mitigations.
  • Foundational work and upgrades to the 'Digital Place' platform got underway - to enable development of the new low-code components that will be required.
  • Gathering of information from the various Discovery and Alpha phases that had previously been undertaken by the LAs involved. 
  • Planning for Sprint 1 (which runs from 2-15 Feb and is mainly focused on some further Discovery work - with the team undertaking an analysis of the existing 'As-Is' processes, currently used by each of the partner LAs across their Waste Services - to identify any gaps in the documentation and therefore in our current knowledge.

We will be sharing our progress updates (and I'm sure a few trials and tribulations along the way) here every 2 weeks, at the end of each Sprint, so please do check back to find out what we're up to, or follow us on Twitter @digitalwastesvc.

All are very welcome to attend our regular online Show and Tell sessions which will be held on: 

  • Sprint 1 Show and Tell - 15 February 2022 (2-3pm)
  • Sprint 2 Show and Tell - 1 March 2022 (2-3pm)
  • Sprint 3 Show and Tell - 15 March 2022 (2-3pm)
  • Sprint 4 Show and Tell - 29 March 2022 (2-3pm)
  • Sprint 5 Show and Tell - 12 April 2022 (2-3pm)
  • Sprint 6 Show and Tell - 26 April 2022 (2-3pm)
  • Sprint 7 Show and Tell - 10 May 2022 (2-3pm)
  • Final Beta Phase Show and Tell - Date/Time are still to be confirmed.

Please contact us to request an invitation.

Sarah Goodall-Smith
Delivery Manager
Digital Waste Services Project