Sprint 3

In this sprint the team have been busy completing the collation and review of information (e.g. service process maps, system integrations and user research) about the first three services that have been prioritised (which are 'Find my Bin Collection Day', 'Request an Assisted Collection / Pullout' and 'Subscribe to Garden Waste Collection'). 

Our Business Analyst, Martin, provided the LA partners with some further detail about how their digital waste services differ currently. We are still exploring the reasons behind some of these differences, to better understand whether there are any particular drivers for these choices. Martin has also started work on mapping the 'Report a Missed Bin Collection' process. 

Our User Researcher, Bal, has collated all of the available research and process information gathered onto a board in Miro. She has been cross-referencing all of this against other service patterns and best practice examples. Based on this she has started to make some recommendations about how the initial form templates could be designed. She has also developed some example mini-wireframes, for LA partners consideration and to help guide the development work that will be getting underway in the next sprint. 

Our Technical Architect, Dave, has been investigating the Waste Management System APIs and integration methods for each partner, to inform the design of the Digital Place platform integration connectors. User stories have been written for the first two of these systems, ready to take into development in the next sprint. He has also started designing the enhancements to the low-code Integration Manager.  

The Placecube development team continued with their work on the enhancements to the Case Management configuration user interface on Digital Place. 

We have been thinking about the plan for post-project delivery 'Monitoring and Evaluation' and reps from DLUHC briefed the team on their requirements and shared their template.  We'll use this to capture more detail about the project inputs and outputs, as well as the intended outcomes and the expected longer-term impacts.  The LA partners will need to agree some key metrics that can be monitored, once the new low code services are adopted, to demonstrate performance and success.  

Mike (Rugby Borough Council) and Gavin (Placecube) presented the project at the Public Sector Insight Week event, sharing the journey and work done so far.  The talk recording is available to watch here.  

Our plan for Sprint 4 is to: 

  • Begin building the forms for the first 3 prioritised services.  

  • Begin building the back-office waste management system integration connectors. 

  • Continue developing the Integration Manager architecture and related stories. 

  • Continue mapping the processes for the next 2 prioritised services (which are 'Book a Bulky Waste Collection' and 'Service Disruptions').  As before, any service differences, and the user experience, will be assessed by the team. 

  • Develop the 1st draft of our Monitoring & Evaluation plan. 

  • Agree the prioritisation of the remaining waste services, and features, that were identified by the LA partners at the start of the project. 

Our Sprint 4 Show & Tell session will be held online at 2pm on 29 March, so please do get in touch if you'd like to attend this.  You can also follow our Twitter account for project updates. 
This project has been funded by the DLUHC Local Digital Fund

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