Sprint 4

Over the last 2 weeks, the team have continued to make good progress with their different areas of work on the various waste services and features, that have been prioritised so far for development in this first Beta phase.  

Martin, our Business Analyst, completed mapping and comparing the existing 'Report a Missed Bin Collection' and 'Report Fly Tipping' processes. As with the other processes that we've already looked at, he has identified several differences in how each partner LA structures and orders these flows, along with some differences in the information that's requested from customers. There are also some differences in whether, or not, some functionality such as geolocation via a map-based tool, or the ability to upload photographic evidence, are available currently. In this sprint Martin also started to investigate and clarify each of the partners requirements around reporting.  

Our User Researcher, Bal, continued her review of the available research, the process information captured by Martin, common service patterns and wider best practice. This sprint she has been focused on the 'Garden Waste Subscription' and 'Book a Bulky Waste Collection' flows, which have both been added to our project board in Miro - with these insights and her recommendations shared at our last Sprint Review session. Bal also started looking at 'Report Fly Tipping' in this sprint and she will continue with this work in the next sprint. 

Dave, our Technical Architect, and the Placecube development team have started to build the first forms, with a working end-to-end version of 'Find my Bin Day' being demonstrated and shared with stakeholders for their feedback. This form has been integrated with the Rugby Borough Council LLPG (to obtain the UPRN / address) and with their back-office Waste Management System. The development team began building the first platform integration connectors and have been continuing with further enhancements to the Case Management configuration user interface on Digital Place. Placecube also confirmed that the platform already has the capability to integrate with GOV.UK Pay portal. 

Work got underway on the first draft of the 'Monitoring and Evaluation' plan (which will be used to measure impact and success after this phase of project delivery has been completed). This initial draft will be finalised and circulated for LA partner input in the next sprint, before it's shared with the Local Digital Collaboration Unit reps at DLUHC. The plan will continue to be updated and iterated during the rest of this phase, based on their feedback and guidance, as well as confirmation of the services that will be delivered.  

Our plan for Sprint 5 is to:  

  • Continue building the front-end forms for the highest priority services.   

  • Continue building the back-office Waste Management System integration connectors.  

  • Continue developing the Integration Manager tool architecture and related stories.  

  • Continue mapping the processes, and identifying service differences, for the next services/features on the priority list (which are New Household Requests, Reporting and Customer Comms).   

  • Continue the User Research / UX review work - focused on 'Report Fly Tipping'.  

  • Continue the development of our Monitoring & Evaluation plan.  

Our Sprint 5 Show & Tell session will be held online at 2pm on Tuesday 12 April, so please do get in touch if you'd like to attend this.  You can also follow our Twitter account for regular project updates. 

This project has been funded by the DLUHC Local Digital Fund.  

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